A&B Vietnam’s BOD visited the factory in Quang Tri at the begin the spring round of pleasures of the year of the Water Cat

AB Vietnam's BOD

At the beginning of the spring round of pleasures on the 6th Lunar New Year (January 28, 2023), the board of directors had a visit to A&B’s factory located in Cam Tuyen, Quang Tri. This is A&B’s largest factory, which can produce a large amount of beverages every year. During these days, the main activities of the BOD include:

Sending best wishes to all staffs and workers of the factory

On the first spring day of the year, the BOD of A&B Vietnam had best wishes to all officers and employees at the Quang Tri factory. This is both a wish and a spiritual encouragement for all employees to enter the new year with more exciting work and greater success than the previous year.

A&B Vietnam's BOD visited the factory in Quang Tri
A&B Vietnam’s BOD visited the factory in Quang Tri

Holding meetings to disseminate guidelines and policies for the new year

During the days in Quang Tri, the BOD held meetings with factory officials, outlined production and development plans for the new year. This is a very necessary activity and one of the main purposes of this trip that the leaders set out.

Under the chairmanship of President Nham Tien Chung, the launching ceremony at the beginning of the year took place successfully. The board of directors disseminated this year’s guidelines and policies to the officers and employees of the factory and provided solutions to outstanding problems.

Promote sales activities in Quang Tri

Central Vietnam is a fairly active market for A&B’s beer and beverage products. Therefore, the BOD pays great attention to promoting sales activities in Central Vietnam, developing the market more strongly, and becoming the main domestic consumption market of A&B.

During the trip to Quang Tri at the beginning of the year, the BODs had plans to promote the market in Central Vietnam in general and Quang Tri in particular. With ingenious leadership and proper planning, A&B promises to be explosive in 2023.


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