Camel juice – Natural fruit flavor from Vietnam

Camel Fruit Juice

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate which is ideal for the growth of fruit species. With a variety of fruits, Camel provides customers with diverse choices of flavors so you can enjoy the sweet and fragrant fruit flavors of Vietnam wherever you are.

Savoring Vietnamese tropical fruit sweetness with Camel

Vietnam has a wide range of fruits. Taking advantage of this, Camel has brought Vietnamese tropical fruit flavors into juice cans, exporting them to the worldwide market. And Camel has been successful when it is highly welcomed in numerous regions, including Malaysia, Panama, Mongolia, and Russia. 

Camel juice allows you to enjoy the distinct flavors of fruits such as coconut, mango, orange, melon, etc. The natural fruit flavors of Camel juice have been well received by customers, distinguishing Camel juice from other brands.

Choosing Camel juice to enjoy the most out of the freshest fruit flavor. This will surely be the best drink and is also suitable for daily drinking, outdoor activities, and parties.

Camel Coconut Juice
Camel Coconut Juice

The advanced manufacturing process of Camel

Camel applies contemporary manufacturing lines with a specialized formula, impressing its clients. With an innovative factory, A&B can produce a large amount of juice per month. Our products are set to be sold anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the meticulous selection procedure ensures only the juiciest and ripest fruits will be picked, resulting in the highest quality products. 

Camel juice will be appear in Dubai upcoming February

Camel fruit juice will appear in Dubai
Camel fruit juice will appear in Dubai

February 2023 – the Gulfood Dubai Exhibition will be hosted in Dubai. This is one of the biggest global F&B fairs. The participation of Camel Juice in this expo provides a chance to promote Vietnamese fruit juice in new areas like Europe and Africa. 

Camel ensures that it will conquer new marketplaces with a variety of flavors and guaranteed quality, increasing the visibility of Vietnamese brands in the global market.

Let’s look forward to seeing Camel at the Gulfood Dubai Exhibition in February!