Red Tiger energy drinks rouse in Middle East markets in Dubai

Energy Drink Red Tiger

As one of A&B’s most popular energy drinks, Red Tiger is stirring up in the Middle East. In the near future, Red Tiger will be introduced to new customers at the Gulfood fair to conquer new markets.

Red Tiger meets international standards

In order to export widely to many countries, international standards are something that products must definitely meet. Red Tiger has achieved outstanding standards such as ISO, Halal, and HACCP. These are all prestigious standards, trusted by many consumers in markets, especially the Middle East and Europe. With modern production lines and high-tech application machines, A&B Vietnam has produced high-quality products with enough range to export to major markets around the world.

Easy to drink flavor, loved and highly appreciated by lots of customers

Nowadays, most energy drinks on the market have a “quite strong” scent. Particularly with Red Tiger, the flavor is regulated more gently, just enough to awaken the taste buds, bringing a refreshing feeling to the drinker. Just one can of Red Tiger is enough to keep you awake and active for hours. The milder flavor helps Red Tiger not only be loved by men but also women. Typical ingredients include caffeine and taurine to help keep the mind alert. In particular, Red Tiger does not include fat, eliminating the obesity concerns of many consumers.

The appearance of Red Tiger at Gulfood fair – Dubai

A&B will participate in the Gulfood fair held in Dubai from February 20-24. At this fair, energy drinks will be the main product promoted and Red Tiger is one of them. Currently, Red Tiger is quite popular in Mali and South Korea. Coming to Dubai at this fair, Red Tiger’s prestige will be increased and it will be a springboard to enter the Middle East and European market. Red Tiger energy drink is one of the strongest export products of A&B Vietnam. In Mali and Sounth Korea markets, Red Tiger is the most popular and these are the two largest markets of Red Tiger Vietnam. With the existing advantages, in the future, Red Tiger will be exported more strongly and more widely to new markets.
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