Tour of A&B’s factory in Bac Ninh

A&B's factory in Bac Ninh

A&B Vietnam has a system of factories specializing in the production of soft drinks and energy drinks in Ca village, Ho Town, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Let’s join A&B Vietnam to visit A&B Vietnam’s KVC Bac Ninh factory.

Factory’s scale

KVC factory’s full name is Vietnam – America Food and Beverage Processing Joint Stock Company. The area of the factory is up to 30,000 m2. With a modern technology system and stable performance, A&B has a good production capacity and can meet domestic and foreign orders well. In addition, the production system ensures food hygiene and safety, providing consumers with the best quality products.

A&B's factory in Bac Ninh has a large scale of 30,000 square meters
A&B’s factory in Bac Ninh has a large scale of 30,000 square meters

Modern technology

In particular, A&B’s production line is closed, ensuring maximum food hygiene and safety for consumers. Not only that, A&B’s production lines are applied with modern technology to make management easier and save manpower.

Unique recipe

In addition, A&B has a team of highly qualified, well-trained researchers and bartenders who always research and control the production process to produce the best products. Production workers are equipped with protective gear to ensure worker safety and food safety.

Products are manufactured at KVC Bac Ninh factory

A&B’s KVC factory in Bac Ninh specializes in producing fruit juices, energy drinks, purified water,…

Fruit juice products

As one of the main products of the factory, fruit juice is exported to many countries around the world. Thanks to the most modern machinery and technology system, A&B always ensures international standards: Halal, HACCP, and ISO. With outstanding quality, A&B’s fruit juice products have been exported to markets such as China, Taiwan, Qatar, Russia, and Malaysia…

Energy drink

For energy drinks, A&B produces both bottles and cans. The capacity of bottles and cans is diverse (250ml, 330ml and 350ml) for customers to freely choose according to their needs. And it is impossible not to mention the modern production system, which produces products that meet international standards of Halal, HACCP, and ISO.

Purified water

With purified water, A&B has been producing and exporting regularly. Specifically, the largest import market is Japan. This is one of the most difficult markets in the world. This further proves the quality of A&B’s products. Pure water is bottled in 3 sizes of 350ml, 500ml and 600ml for customers to choose freely according to their needs.

With a system of modern machinery and the application of smart management technology, the KVC Bac Ninh factory well meets the strict requirements of international customers. As a result, A&B Vietnam’s products can be widely exported to many major countries.


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