Camel beer was featured in prestigious online newspapers

Camel beer

Camel beer, manufactured and distributed by A&B, is one of Vietnam’s most popular beer brands. A&B has promoted communication for Camel beer on leading prestigious online newspaper in order to strengthen its position and expand its brand. VNEXPRESS, THANH NIEN, and DAN TRI are examples of common newspapers.

Camel was featured in the VNEXPRESS online news

VNEXPRESS is one of Vietnam’s most reputable online newspapers. Camel has reaffirmed its market position by appearing on VNEXPRESS online news. Camel beer always accompany everyone on the journey home to celebrate Tet, with the chance to win attractive prizes when the lid of the can is pulled.

You will have a great chance to win prizes during this Tet holiday with thousands of attractive gifts.

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Camel was featured in the Thanh Nien newspaper.

Camel beer is the “reinforcement person” for young people, according to Thanh Nien newspaper. Not only at work and in everyday life, but also on trips home to celebrate Tet. Camel’s iconic image is an animal that perseveres, never gives up, always moves forward, and overcomes all obstacles. It is also a powerful motivator for young people to overcome current challenges.

Camel, with its distinct flavor and Tet version, will be one of the most appealing Tet gift options for family, relatives, and friends.

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Camel was featured in the Dan Tri newspaper.

Dan Tri newspaper is also a reputable online newspaper that people trust because it updates information quickly and accurately. Camel’s message “Pull the lid of the winning can – Celebrate the spring with Tet gifts” was widely distributed in Dan Tri newspaper, and many customers responded. Many gifts have found their owners among thousands of appealing prizes.

Camel beer is still a new beer line, but it has quickly become one of the most appealing options for New Year’s Eve, New Year, and so on. Alternatively, Camel beer makes an excellent gift.

Beer cans with eye-catching designs, suitable for the Vietnamese traditional New Year, bold and colorful.

Camel beer – A new and delectable flavor

Camel beer - A new and delectable flavor
Camel beer – A new and delectable flavor

Camel has paid close attention to the selection of quality ingredients as well as the processing step to ensure the freshest taste for diners. Camel beer has a distinct aroma, is bold but still very fresh, and strikes an ideal balance between the smell and taste of beer. Perhaps this is why Camel is so popular in over 50 countries.

Camel beer quickly spread in Vietnam thanks to a strong marketing campaign, becoming a popular drink at year-end parties and even during Tet. Join Camel’s award-winning program today for your chance to win attractive prizes!