A&B Vietnam was present at Gulfood fair, Dubai

A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair, Dubai

Gulfood Fair is the world’s largest food and beverage fair, held annually in Dubai. We did not miss this opportunity and A&B Vietnam was present at the Gulfood fair from today (February 20, 2023).

Mission to bring Vietnamese brands to the world

Not only stopping at export, A&B Vietnam also has a bigger mission, which is to elevate the Vietnamese brand.
Contributing at Gulfood fair, A&B brings a lot of products such as fruit juices, energy drinks and beer for customers and partners to freely enjoy and choose. A&B’s juice is made from typical Vietnamese fruits, bringing a unique tropical experience to the diners.
Regarding energy drink products, A&B is highly appreciated with Mr.30, Red Tiger, Triplex,… Each type of A&B energy drink brings a different experience. Mr.30 is fresh with fruity flavors, Triplex carbonated is loved by men and Red Tiger impresses with its well-loved optimally balanced taste. This diversity helps A&B Vietnam confidently conquer all customers and even demanding markets.
In addition to fruit juices and energy drinks, A&B also offers premium Camel beers with different flavors for customers to choose from. Especially, non-alcoholic beer is especially popular for customers to experience.

A&B Vietnam’s booth at Gulfood

A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair, Dubai
A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair, Dubai

At Gulfood fair, customers and partners can find us at booth ZP-B46, Dubai World Trade Center. We have a full range of products available for you to experience right here.
In addition, we also have a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants, ready to advise and support you to have the best product experience and provide full product information.