Gulfood Fair: A chance for A&B Vietnam to meet new customers and expand its market

A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair 2023

At Gulfood Fair 2023, A&B Vietnam have attracted the customers’ attention as they come and test its products. With a large number of customers coming from different countries, A&B has more chances to approach and develop in new markets.

Customers of A&B at Gulfood Fair

At this fair, A&B Vietnam welcomed many customers from Canada, UK, Africa and the Middle East. These are all major markets that A&B Vietnam is targeting.

A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair 2023
A&B Vietnam in Gulfood fair 2023

Opportunities for A&B to enter new markets

With a huge number of customers from many different countries, A&B Vietnam’s products are also experienced by many customers. Each customer has a typical taste of a country or region. When customers enjoy A&B’s products, A&B Vietnam also has more opportunities to advance stronger, better in existing markets and opportunities to enter new markets.

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