Abest fruit juice is loved in the international market

Fruit Juice Abest

Abest is one of the leading products of A&B Vietnam, which is strongly exported to the international market. With its natural fruit flavor, Abest is loved by many international customers. Some of Abest’s biggest markets include China, Malaysia,…

Modern processing techniques

A&B Vietnam uses cutting-edge technologies to build a contemporary system that produces juice cans of the highest caliber. After careful selection, ripe fruits will be used for production.

To produce fruit juice in cans that is as fresh as possible while retaining the most natural fruit flavor, we have developed our own recipes. You can enjoy natural juice like it’s new by consuming Abest. Abest is well-liked and admired by many customers, with a delectable and varied tropical fruit flavor.

Modern processing techniques
Modern processing techniques

Meet international standards and are well-liked worldwide

Abest has met international standards, including ISO, HACCP, and Halal standards, using cutting-edge production methods and technology. All of these are universal standards that are respected in numerous markets. Abest can therefore export to a wide range of nations, including picky markets like Qatar or the Maldives and substantial markets like China.

Unbelievably delicious taste

With its own formula, A&B has processed a delicious line of Abest juices, preserving the original flavor of the fruits to the maximum. Vietnamese native tropical fruits are chosen so that customers can have a distinctive experience. Lychee, passion fruit, tamarind, guava, and other common fruits are used by Abest. All of these fruits are well-known and typical of Vietnam, and foreign friends particularly adore the lychee juice.

Thanks to the above characteristics, Abest juice is widely loved in many countries. And in the future, Abest’s popularity will increase even more, known and chosen by more customers.



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