Abest green tea – All flavors bound in tea leaves from nature

Green tea Abest

A&B Vietnam has successfully applied its own green tea recipe to create the most delicious bottles of green tea for consumers. Enjoy Abest green tea immediately to feel the most natural tea flavor.

Natural tea flavor

Green tea has a very distinctive flavor. Drinking tea, you will feel a special aroma and a bitter taste, followed by a slight sweetness that lingers in the oral cavity. However, Abest has slightly changed the traditional tea flavor, we added sweetness to the tea, then there is a slightly bitter and acrid aftertaste (a little but still enough for you to feel the tea). Thanks to this formula, Abest green tea is more popular among consumers, becoming a universal product that everyone can drink.

Extracted from the freshest Thai Nguyen tea leaves, Abest brings you a wonderful green tea drinking experience. The taste is easy to drink but still retains the characteristic flavor of tea. Drinking Abest green tea helps reduce stress, fatigue and mental alertness. Moreover, this is also a refreshing drink, extremely effective cooling.

Fat free – Peace of mind to keep fit

An age-old problem of the sisters is the fear of obesity. With Abest green tea, you can rest assured when using it. Our products do not contain fat, you can drink regularly and still keep your figure.

What international standards does Abest green tea achieve?

Currently, Abest green tea has achieved international standards such as ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP and Halal. And in the future, Abest green tea will be exported to the international market by A&B Vietnam. Thus, the above standards will be an indispensable condition for A&B to do this.

Compact design, convenient to use

With a compact 350ml bottle, Abest green tea brings convenience to users when using, easy to carry during outdoor activities. The bottle cap is flexible to open and close, helping to preserve it for a longer time and not be afraid of spilling water when moving.

The above advantages have made Abest green tea the first choice of green tea lovers. And this is also a prestigious brand that is highly appreciated by consumers for its flavors and ingredients. Drink Abest green tea and feel relaxed and refreshed all day!



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