Great success from Gulfood Dubai Expo 2023

A&B in Gulfood Fair 2023, Dubai

Gulfood Expo 2023 has ended and brings exciting opportunities for businesses. Participating in Gulfood 2023, A&B has achieved great achievements. Let’s see what A&B has achieved after this world’s largest food and beverage fair!

Get the attention of international customers

With diverse products, beautiful designs, following the tastes of consumers, A&B has been interested, visited and tested by many customers. The most interesting items are Red Tiger energy drink, Abest juice and Camel juice. With a large customer base and coming from many countries, A&B has introduced its products to many new markets, which is a premise to enter future markets.

A&B attracts a large number of international customers
A&B attracts a large number of international customers

Recognized and highly appreciated

A&B’s products all meet international standards such as ISO, HACCP and Halal. These standards are a prerequisite to export widely to international markets, including demanding markets like Europe.

Customers who experience the products of the large A&B section have positive reviews about the product, especially the energy drinks and fruit juices. A&B’s energy drinks have a unique feature that creates an unforgettable impression on customers. Faced with the resulting fragrance line, A&B continues to bring many surprises to customers. A&B’s juice is made from tropical fruits of Vietnam, customers can enjoy the taste of our special fruits such as lychee, passion fruit, tamarind, custard apple, Advanced technology has retained the original flavor of each fruit, giving customers the most complete experience. This is the point where international customers appreciate A&B Vietnam.

More opportunities to enter new markets

New market entry opportunities
New market entry opportunities

Participating in the Gulfood fair, A&B met new customers from many countries. This is an opportunity for A&B Vietnam to develop new markets, including customers from Canada, UK, UAE, etc., difficult markets in Europe and America.

Gulfood Expo 2023 is a connection between businesses, helping exporters and importers better connect with each other, opening new opportunities for both exporters and importers.