Abest Juice – A unique flavor

Abest Fruit Juice

Among the thousands of fruit juices on the market, Abest possesses unique characteristics that define the brand’s particular identity. With these highlights, it appeals to juice lovers and becomes their first choice when it comes to juices.

Fruit’s Natural Flavor in Focus

Despite being a bottled water product, Abest always tries to retain the most natural flavors of fruit. Thanks to a modern manufacturing factory, and advanced technology, Abest has successfully preserved the freshest taste of each fruit. Even on the first sip, you will be able to detect differences in fruit aroma, which will cover your mouth. No matter what kind of fruit, Abest can fully preserve the whole flavor along with the particular taste of it.

Abest Fruit Juice
Abest Fruit Juice

Natural colors

Abest’s fruit juice products always give priority to retaining the natural colors of each fruit, like orange juice with a light orange shade, a dark yellow mango juice, or a clear white coconut water,… Therefore, you can rest assured when using Abest products, without fear of chemical coloring.

Materials chosen with care

To bring out the most delicious and freshest fruit juice can, we put our heart into the selection materials progress. All kinds of fruits are chosen meticulously to ensure its freshness. As a result, best products can be obtained.

Not only that, the chosen fruit must guarantee these following standards such as ‘’green’’ fruits, not contaminated with impurities like pesticides, growth stimulants, etc….For us, food safety security always comes first. Abest fruit juice is not only delicious but also hygiene.

Various shape of bottle, can –  convenient for you

Abest Fruit Juice
Abest Fruit Juice

Abest juice is bottled and canned, which is very convenient for transportation and use. Smart glass bottle with snap-on lid, you do not need any other lid-openers. The glass bottle’s modern, luxurious design is appropriate for any occasion, including parties or events.

Besides that, Abest also has a portable plastic bottle to cover when necessary. This type of bottle is quite popular for its convenience when going on a picnic or doing outdoor activities. You can easily remove the lid and close it when in use to better preserve your water.

Moreover, canned water also optimizes the packaging area and makes it easy to transport. The can form is also popular as it is suited for both parties and outdoor activities.

These characteristics contribute to Abest fruit juice’s distinction and uniqueness. That is also the reason why Abest has always been trusted and chosen by consumers.

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