Camel purified water – fresh water from nature

Camel purified water

Camel purified water is always the top choice to resolved quickly the thirsty any time now. These bottles will be designed with dynamic, handy shapes to takes along. Cool natural water source is an excellent choice for health!

Camel – Source of natural underground water

Cool water is the unique of Vietnam’s nature

Vietnam has the advantage of a large freshwater source with a diverse density of rivers, streams, and underground water sources. Camel has taken advantage of this effectively to bring customers the cool water from nature. Camel pure water is exploited from natural groundwater sources. Through modern and advanced processing, we have brought the purest, cleanest water bottles.

Camel purified water
Camel purified water

Produced on ultramodern and high-class production lines

To provide the safest clean water, Camel has used a reverse osmosis RO filtration system. This is the leading modern water purification technology nowadays. Water is treated and sterilized with Ozone and UV rays to ensure cleanliness and is a safe choice for daily drinking.

Drink Camel water to impression the purity of nature

With the most advanced and modern technology, Camel has retained the purity of natural water. You can feel this purity right from the first sip. Perhaps that is why Camel purified water is well received by the international market.

Japan – The largest Camel purified water import market

Nowadays, Japan is the strongest Camel purified water import market. This partly confirms the quality of Camel water is undisputed.

Modern Camel’s water treatment process is highly appreciated by customers. That is also the reason that Japan has trusted and is the largest import market of Camel purified water.

Multiform applications in real life

Camel purified water
Camel purified water

Camel’s design looks quite common, comfortable for all activities from everyday life such as family, outdoor activities, sports practice or even in luxury parties.

Camel purified water comes in two sizes, 350ml and 600ml. You can choose flexibly for each different use purpose.

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