A&B will appear in Dubai in early 2023

A&B export to the world

In February 2023, A&B will be present at the Gulfood International Food and Beverage Fair which is celebrated in Dubai. With the main products including fruit juices and energy drinks, and hot products of A&B in many countries, A&B will undoubtedly successfully introduce its products to new customers.

A&B – Production and distribution company

A&B VIETNAM INVESTMENT JSC is a manufacturer and distributor of juices, energy drinks, beer, and dry foods such as vermicelli, and pho,… Especially, A&B has appeared in over 50 countries and is favored by many major markets.
In Dubai next February, the main products will include energy drinks and fruit juices. These are all products that are being consumed a lot in markets such as Africa and the Middle East,…
A&B always focuses on product quality, natural flavors, and colors. The modern production process, and application of advanced technology, will make every customer feel satisfied.

Gulfood International Food and Beverage Fair

Talking about food and beverage fairs, Gulfood is confident of being the largest fair in the world. Gulfood is held every year in Dubai. Brands participating in this fair will have great opportunities to introduce their products and food and beverage brands to major partners in the international market. The Gulfood Fair is an opportunity for A&B to promote trade in African and Middle Eastern markets. This is a potential market for growth.

A&B’s flagship products at Gulfood fair

Appearing in Dubai, A&B brings the hottest products, including energy drinks and fruit juices.

Energy drink

  • Red Blue is one of the most popular energy drinks in the Middle East and Africa. Drinking 1 can of Red Blue will bring sanity to you, and more focused on work. This will be a reliable companion for students, students, and working people. When dealing with deadlines, people need to be alert and focused, and a can of Red Blue will immediately replenish energy.
  • Mr.30 energy drink of A&B is also popular in many countries, not inferior to Red Blue. Mr.30 contains caffeine and taurine to help the body stay awake and active. Besides, the taste of Mr.30 is also appreciated. With modern production lines and carefully selected high-quality input materials, A&B brings delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy customers.


  • Abest drinks. Abest is the juice brand of A&B. Fresh fruits are processed on modern lines, producing the best quality and most delicious juices. The natural flavor of the fruit is retained to the maximum, making the difference of Abest juice.
  • Camel juice. Camel offers customers cool drinks from typical tropical fruits. Typical of which must be mentioned are coconut water, orange juice, tamarind juice, etc.

The upcoming trip to Dubai will be a lever to help A&B grow further in the global market. Being present at the Gulfood Fair will make A&B’s products more popular and accessible to Middle Eastern and African markets.

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