Energy Drinks of A&B Vietnam are going to be displayed at Gulfood Dubai Trade Fair

energy drink of A&B Vietnam

In the next 2 months, A&B will present at the Gulfood trade fair which is organized in Dubai. For this time, energy drinks of A&B surely satisfied the taste of even the most demanding customers.

What’s the specialty of 3 types of A&B’s energy drinks?

Being at the Gulfood trade fair in Dubai, A&B will bring 3 types of energy drinks to our international friends such as: Triplex, Red Tiger and Mr.30. Every type has its own specialty so that you can choose which is your favorite. We can guarantee the quality of goods, which all have certificates of Halal.


Triplex carbonated energy drinks are very popular with customers in regions such as Africa and the Middle East. The powerful flavor is impressively unmistakable with other energy drinks. With ingredients including caffeine, taurine helps you stay awake and active all day long. In particular, Triplex does not contain fat, so you will not face the problem of weight gain and obesity when taking Triplex.


Energy Drink Mr.30
Energy Drink Mr.30

Bring on a Dynamic Youth product Design, Mr.30 quickly is more and more inspiring in many difficult markets such as Korea, China, and Myanmar,…In this Gulfood 2023 event, Mr.30 will ensure bringing on a freshness for value customers. Mr.30 Energy drink has included fruit juice flavor in ingredients completely new beyond the original preconceptions about energy drinks. With a unique flavor is very easy to make a strong impression for the first time enjoying. Certainly, A&B trust in Mr.30 will become popular in more countries as well.

Red Tiger

Energy Drink Red Tiger
Energy Drink Red Tiger

With an elegant silver color label, RedTiger is very ,   For those who are less fond of sweets, Red Tiger has a more sour taste than Triplex and Mr.30. The indispensable ingredients in energy drinks are Caffeine and Taurine to help you stay awake and focus on work. Moreover, Red Tiger also replenishes energy for the body to function better, whether outdoors or under stress.

Gulfood Fair, the convergence of global cuisine

Gulfood Fair is considered as one of the leading fairs on food and beverages. The fair is held in Dubai, very convenient to connect Asian, European and African markets. This is an opportunity for businesses to introduce their products to larger markets. After 2 years of the Covid 19 pandemic, Gulfood takes on a whole new color, bringing new opportunities and potentials to the food industry. Certainly, with  A&B Vietnam, the Gulfood fair helps us connect to difficult markets

Let’s wait for the arrival of A&B in Dubai in February 2023!

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