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Abest Fruit Juice of A&B Vietnam

Abest juice brand is quite popular in big markets such as China, Malaysia, and Qatar. With a variety of fresh and tasty fruit flavors, Abest is poised to conquer the most challenging markets, like Europe and the Middle East.

Abest – Vietnamese juice is in favor in many countries

Abest is in favor in many countries
Abest is in favor in many countries

Abest juice is popular in many countries, notably Russia, China, Malaysia, and Qatar. The variety of fruit flavors, typical Vietnamese fruits such as orange, guava, pineapple, mango, lychee, tamarind, passion fruit, coconut, and custard apple, is what makes Abest most proud. With 9 flavors to pick from, you may accordingly cater to the tastes of each family member. 

To ensure the freshness of each juice can, A&B has utilized modern manufacturing lines. In addition to that, we concentrate on selecting high-quality ingredients. Before being processed, the ripest fruits will be carefully picked.

Being an extensively exported international product, Abest has been attested to meet ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, and HALAL standards. Therefore, you can rest assured while selecting Abest fruit juice.

The difference of Abest creates the unique flavor

Due to advanced technology, Abest’s fruit juice cans retain the natural freshness of typical Vietnamese fruit, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the juice.

Not only can the taste be preserved, but also the color. Abest can keep the most natural juice’s color.

These provide a distinct identity for Abest fruit juice, allowing it to grow around the world as it has. With this potential, Abest is ready to conquer new marketplaces, even the pickiest ones like Europe.

Abest joining Gulfood Dubai Exhibitions, continuing on the route of introducing Vietnamese brand to the globe

Abest joining Gulfood Dubai Exhibitions
Abest joining Gulfood Dubai Exhibitions

To overthrow new marketplaces in places like Europe or the Middle East, participating in the Gulfood Exhibition will be the best way to quickly gain access to those markets. In other words, the Gulfood Exhibition is one of the largest global F&B trade shows, held annually in Dubai. This is an opportunity for enterprises to promote their products to other major markets like Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Next February, the Gulfood Exhibition will be held, and Abest will contribute our products to this fair. This will allow Abest and other Vietnamese brands, in general, to access new marketplaces, and Europe is the main target.

With potential and opportunities, Abest is now ready to conquer new marketplaces, widely promoting the Vietnamese brand on the global market.

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