Canton Fair International Fair 2023

Canton Fair International Fair 2023

Canton Fair is an international trading fair hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China. The fair was first released in 1957 and then became an annual event, occurring twice a year in April and October in Guangzhou, China.

The fair has attracted the participation of more than 200 countries and territories, possessing the exhibition area with the largest scale in the world, accounting for up to 1.5 million m2. With over 60,000 booths, Canton Fair brings together 25,000 Chinese and international enterprises, engaging in numerous activities such as trading and signing contracts. The revenue of each fair is estimated at more than 30 billion USD.

With a comprehensive scale, Canton Fair covers multiple fields ranging from equipment, machinery, interior and exterior household items, fashion, health care products, food, and beverage products. The 133rd Fair promises to open up numerous opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises and international enterprises, in general, to expand markets, exchange, learn production and business methods, and promote brands and products to friends around the world.

Products will be displayed at Canton Fair in three phases:

Phase 1: From April 15th to 19th: Display of products: Electronics and Household electrical appliances

Phase 2: From April 23rd – 27th: Display of products: Interior, exterior household items and consumer goods

Phase 3: From May 1st – 5th: Display of products: Fashion and Healthcare products

Fashion industry: raw materials such as cloth, and fabric to finned products such as accessories, shoes, clothes, etc.

Healthcare industry: Medicinal products, functional foods, beverages

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Benefits of visiting A&B Vietnam booth at Canton Fair

Chance to directly experience our products

At Canton Fair, we display all of our latest products from A&B Vietnam, including fruit juice, energy drinks, beer, and dried products. Customers can easily check beverages’ quality and packing design here. If it suits your demand, enterprises can directly sign a contract with A&B Vietnam.


Apart from manufacturing and distributing available products, A&B Vietnam also provides OEM services and specializes in manufacturing products according to partners’ standards, including packaging design, capacity, and product type. Therefore, businesses can easily choose to order products according to categories and design and print their own brand.

Special discount for Canton Fair Customers

At Canton Fair, A&B Vietnam’s goal is to promote the brand, expand trading activities, and sign contracts with international partners. Therefore, A&B products displayed at the event will receive a very attractive discount.

What are you waiting for? Come to the Canton Fair and experience the products from A&B Vietnam directly!

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