Abest Coconut Water – The gift from nature

Vietnam’s coconut has long been loved because of its cool taste with lots of uses for beauty and to maintain a fit and healthy body.

However, for busy people, it will not be easy to regularly use fresh coconut water because its shelf life is very short. Understanding people’s daily needs for coconut water, A&B Vietnam’s R&D team has researched and launched the product of coconut water with ingredients from 100% fresh coconuts.

Since the date of launch, our product is not only popular in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. So what makes the attraction of fresh coconut water Abest? Let’s find out through the article below!

Selected source of raw materials

A&B Vietnam is proud to be one of the prestigious coconut juice manufacturers and distributors in Vietnam. Raw materials for coconut juice production are imported mainly from famous coconut growing places in the Southwest and South Central regions.

Natural coconut flavor

The production process is paid special attention by A&B Vietnam so that the final product reaches the customer, keeping the fresh taste of fresh coconut water. We always choose high quality coconuts, ensuring enough food hygiene and safety. In addition, modern production lines and application of advanced technology are also one of the reasons for this product to fully retain vitamins and fecal matter of fresh coconut water.

With a delicious taste and good for health, A&B Vietnam’s fresh coconut juice products produced for many years always receive the love and support of domestic and foreign customers.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

Fresh coconut water has a bar, light sweet taste and especially in coconut contains many essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

Drinking a glass of coconut water every day helps the body eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body, effectively clearing heat and helping to maintain a supple physique and youthful skin.

Coconut water for export

Fresh coconut juice products produced by A&B Vietnam have been exported to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, EU countries and will soon be present at the series of international exhibitions in the field. Food & Beverage: FHA Singapore expo 2023, Thaifex Thailand Expo, Seoul Food&Hotel 2023, FAB West Africa 2023.