Top A&B’s most anticipated products at the 2023 international exhibition

Fruit Juice

Currently, A&B Viet Nam is producing two main fruit juice brands: Abest and Camel. Fruit juice is one of the key export products of A&B Vietnam.

With a rich source of fresh fruit ingredients from Vietnam, A&B Vietnam is constantly refining its formula and manufacturing process to provide high-quality fruit juice.

A&B Vietnam’s research and design team is always passionate, striving, and learning to come up with young, new, and timely product package designs in order to keep up with the changing tastes of local and international clients.

With stable quality and a reasonable price, for more than 20 years, Camel and Abest fresh juice products made by A&B Vietnam have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, notably in countries such Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, Malaysia, Nepal, Guinea, et cetera.

Energy Drink

A&B Vietnam’s most popular energy drink brands are Red Tiger, Mr. 30, Triplex, and Steen. Energy drinks are among the beverage companies that have earned the trust of both domestic and international customers.

Our product has immediately dominated the market with constant orders from multinational corporations since its first debut. Customers enjoy A&B’s energy drinks not only for their tasty and refreshing flavors but also for the appealing, powerful, and personality-filled can design.

Furthermore, A&B Vietnam’s energy drink products are of exceptional quality due to a stringent management procedure from dealing with input material processing, production, and product distribution… With beverage products, we are proud of our quality commitment since our products fulfill stringent international standards such as ISO, HACCP, HALAL, and FDA.

Camel Beer

Camel beer, as one of the principal export goods, has maintained and is strengthening its position in the hearts of friends both domestically and worldwide since its inception (establishment).

Camel beer comes in three varieties: Camel Special, Camel Premium, and Camel Lager. Still keeping the same flavor and typical color from the first day of launch, A&B Vietnam is proud to introduce Camel beer to international friends with a breakthrough, bolder, more personal appearance to this day.

Furthermore, our research professionalists are always upgrading the fermentation formula and raw material management method to make Camel beer products sharper and more distinct in flavor and color. A&B Vietnam is happy to provide clients with a rich, delicious, and exceptionally easy-drinking beer by utilizing innovative and contemporary industrial systems. With a concentration of merely 4.3–4.6%, the product readily meets the pleasure requirements of clients of all ages and genders.

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