Fruit Juice – the strong export product of A&B Vietnam

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Fruit juice are one of A&B Vietnam’s strongest exports. With two brands, Abest and Camel, A&B Vietnam brings you the freshest and most attractive cans.

A&B Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company

A&B Vietnam is a company specializing in the production and distribution of beverages, including fruit juices, beer, and energy drinks. Besides, we also produce and distribute all kinds of rice noodles, rice vermicelli, and glass noodles. In particular, fruit juice is one of the strong export products of A&B Vietnam. Currently, A&B Vietnam owns two juice brands, Abest and Camel. Both of these juice brands are quite popular, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries. Among them are China, Russia, Malaysia, etc. With unique flavors from typical Vietnamese fruits, Abest and Camel are ready to conquer new markets.

Abest fruit juice

Abest - Fruit juice of A&B
Abest – Fruit juice of A&B

One can be said that Abest is the leading brand of A&B in the export amount of fruit juices. A&B has taken full advantage of Vietnam’s fresh, diverse and quality fruit sources in production, producing cans of juice with typical flavors of the monsoon tropics. With nine different types of fruit, Abest fruit juice has more choices for you. Nine flavors of Abest include orange, guava, pineapple, mango, tamarind, passion, coconut, lychee and soursop. These are all typical fruits of Vietnam, promising to bring diners an explosion of flavor.

Camel fruit juices

Camel - Fruit juice of A&B Vietnam
Camel – Fruit juices of A&B Vietnam

Although Camel offers less variety than Abest fruit juice, it will still be an attractive choice for you. Camel Fruit Juice focuses on retaining the natural flavor of each fruit, giving the drinker the feeling of drinking real, fresh juice. With 4 flavors, including coconut juice, mango juice, melon juice, and orange juice, you can freely change your taste. This is quite convenient for families with many people, you will have more options for each member

Camel juice is unique in that it has coconut jelly inside. When you drink camel fruit juice, you can enjoy not only the delicious taste of fruit juice but also the crunchy pieces of coconut jelly. 

With these advantages, A&B is proud to be a reputable and quality fruit juice manufacturer and distributor in Vietnam. We are confident that we will go further, conquering the global market, and now we have a certain position in many countries.

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